New List of AVCASA approved plastic recyclers

It is important for agrochemical agents to inform their clients of the AVCASA approved recyclers and to urge them to participate in the container recycling programme. Farms are going to be inspected by certification agency inspectorates as well as Environmental Management Inspectors (especially in the Eastern Cape and Western Cape) and should non-compliance with the waste management act by uncovered hefty penalties and possible loss of certification may be the result. Agents must inform farmers about triple rinsing as many farmers fail to do so.
Manufacturers/suppliers/formulators need to ensure that their house is in order with container management as the Registrar has hinted some regulatory intervention around container management and waste management.
  • Film Flex Plastics
  • Futurescape Africa
  • Isolite
  • Sakata
  • Sunshine Seedlings
  • Starke Ayres


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