1. To serve as an instrument of negotiation in the best interests of the seedling industry and to liaise between the various groups within the industry.
    2. To promote the common interests of members and the industry in general.
    3. To promote co‐operation amongst members.

    Here is how you will benefit in a concrete way from your membership of the SGASA:

    1. You'll have direct access to the SGASA's dynamic research programme and its results, allowing you to solve many of your pressing problems. You will receive regular updates on the progress. you also have the opportunity to ask the Research Sub‐Committee to conduct research on your particular problems.

    2. Research projects conducted in past years include ‐ downy mildew, damping off, algae control, nutrition and the use of plant growth regulators (PGR's), Vegetable Seed Pathology, Bacterial Speck and Spot, Super absorbents, Root Diseases ‐ Phythophthora and Thelieviopsis, Tobacco Alternaria, PGR's in Timber, Pine nutrition, medium quality, Trichoderma & Virus control in peppers, Bedding Plant Production; Growing Medium quality; Water Quality and Salts; Heating of seedlings; Seed treatment; Economics of export and import of seedlings; New systemic copper; Sugar cane seedlings; Wattle Rhizobia; Chocolate Spot; Slow release fertilizers; Wetting Agents; ISO 9002 manual; Nursery inspection sheet & Accreditation

    3. Current research projects include Assess Ectomycorrhizal Associations using Pinus, Eucalyptus and Quercus and a Cabbage Project. Also recently completed was a project researching Bacterial Speck and Spot disease of Tomato.

    4. You'll receive the SGASA's quarterly publication, The Leaflet, filled with industry news, advertisements and research information.

    5. You'll receive n membership directory, our own list of seedling growers and suppliers, an invaluable tool when you need information or wish to contact the industry with an advertising message.

    6. You'll be invited to the Annual Symposium, at which you will be updated on the latest local and international research, trends and innovations.  Also at the Symposium are exhibits from suppliers to our industry.

    The 2015 Symposium was held at Mentors Kraal, Jefferys Bay.

    The 2014 Symposium was held at Fern Hill Hotel in Howick, KZN. All symposia are aimed at improving the quality of the seedling industry in Southern Africa and the Farmers field day's are aimed at passing on knowledge from Seedling Growers to farmers to assist them with maximizing production.

    The 2016 Symposium will be held in Gauteng.  Keep an eye on the website for more details.

    8. You may participate in local get‐togethers in the geographic regions, to meet the other growers, to share the camaraderie of common industry, to share problems and solutions, to know that there is support out there.

    9. You may participate in interest/study groups arising from interest in particular crop production.

    l0. You'II be part of an organised industry, and will have the lobby power behind your interests.

  • To be filled in and signed by each potential member on application for membership. As nurserymen and members of the SGASA we have responsibilities to the industry and to the association. They are as follows:
    1. To maintain the nursery in neat, tidy and hygienic state; a spotless appearance is important to customer perception of industry professionalism.
    2. To avoid growing crops near the nursery which may carry the same diseases as nursery plants. To eliminate weeds in and around the nursery as these are also reservoirs of insects and diseases.
    3. To avoid selling diseased or aged seedlings as they will die and give the system a bad reputation.
    4. To avoid discounts and price cutting, which may be very destructive business practices to the detriment of all. It is vital that correct accounting practices are used in the calculation of prices, to include all real overheads and other costs. Costs of labour, management, land etc. cannot be written off against other farming budgets. Honesty in this area is vital to the economic health of the association.
    5. To maintain a high level of efficiency of management: order controls, seed sowing, nursery management, dispatch, invoicing must be conducted with professional excellence.
    6. To avoid the use of suspect seed or chemicals, or those packages with inadequate labels.
    7. To offer customers after-service advice on issues such as cultivar choices, disease control, post-delivery seedling care, planting practices, etc.
    8. The grower and supply members of the SGASA should support each other wherever possible: a long-term symbiosis is better value than short-term profit, for both parties.
    9. To conduct ecologically sound agrochemical and fertilizer practices.
    10. To conduct sound labour relations, including provision for training, transport, housing and safety needs.
    11. To be an active participant in the affairs of the SGASA.
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  • The member application form can be downloaded here or please complete the online application below.

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